Remove Background on a Difficult Edged Image in Photoshop - Tutorial -

Introduction: Remove Background on a Difficult Edged Image in Photoshop - Tutorial -

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Hey Guys, this is kind of a rain check on a previous video as some of you have asked how to crop / remove difficult edged images using the Quick Selection Tool. This method helps to maintain definition in difficult areas.

Step 1:

Change a Background on a Difficult Edged Image - Written Tutorial -

Firstly drag and drop the image you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop, select the Quick Selection Tool in the left hand panel and make a selection of the whole of the inside of the image keeping to the edges as closely as possible. To deselect hold Atl on the keyboard and make a de-selection. If you have a rough edged image such as long hair where the background is visible, keep the selection roughly right and we will refine in refine edge. Select Refine Edge in the top panel and have settings set as the following:

Smooth - 0

Feather - 0

Contrast - 0

Shift Edge - +35 I would recommend having the view set to overlay (pink) then begin to build in by painting on the image. Adjust the Shift edge until the selection is as precise as possible. You have now Completed the How to Remove a Background on a Difficult Edge Image Tutorial in Photoshop

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