Introduction: Remove Branding From Your Car

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I don't want this on my car!!!

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Step 1: This Isn't NASCAR

In the automobile business companies mistakenly believe they can put their logos on anything we buy and we will proudly wear these billboards for free. They are wrong. Logos, models, and features don't belong on the side of my car unless they are paying me some of those sweet sweet sponsorship monies.

I recently added a cap to my truck and this instructable will show you how to safely remove their stuck on puffy stickers that block my rear view.

Step 2: Pick Your Weapon (s)

This will deal exclusively with removing the brand sticker from the back window of the LXXR truck cap.

You will need:

  • Something that blows hot air, like a hair blow dryer or heat gun.
  • Something that scrapes that will not scratch your surface, like a plastic spudger used for removing interior panels.
  • Something like a thin string, basically floss. (This I didn't need but you can use instead of the spudger)
  • Something that dissolves adhesive, like Goo Gone or Acetone

Step 3: Apply Heat

Don't go crazy, just warm it up enough to loosen the glue.

Step 4: Peel

Start from a corner and start peeling slowly. It is easier if you can keep the thing in one continuous piece.

If it doesn't come up easily apply more heat.

Continue until the whole thing is removed.

Step 5: A Sticky Mess

Once you have removed all of the letters it will look something like this.

Step 6: Solvent Time

Add your adhesive solvent (Acetone in my case) liberally to a rag and wipe your troubles away. You will have to turn your rag to an unused part once it stops removing adhesive and add more solvent, wipe some more.

Step 7: So Fresh, So Clean

Before and After!

Now when I am driving down the road I don't have to stare at that logo in my back window "leering" back at me :)

Come for the instructable, stay for the puns.

Step 8: Works on Other Stuff Too

This process will work on just about every logo on your car except for the main ones located in the grill, on the center of the hood, or in the center of the trunk. The main logos are held on with pins and fasteners as well as adhesive and will leave holes when you remove them.

Just be very careful when you are dealing with a logo on the paint of your car. Test the solvent in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn't remove the paint.

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