Introduction: Remove Pentalobe Screws Without the Correct Screwdriver

Ever need to repair an Apple product? You will most likely find that they use proprietary screws. If you don't have the correct screwdriver, make one! While the screwdriver we will make works, it won't be very durable.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is the stuff you need:

Stiff metal rod (coat hanger works well)

File (Dremel with grinding stone is faster)

Bench Vise (optional)

Wire cutters suitable for steel

Calipers (optional)

Apple product to disassemble

Step 2: Bend Your Rod

Cut off a small section of your thin metal rod and bend it as shown. The bend allows you to get more leverage.

Step 3: File the Rod

File the two edges of your metal rod until the end becomes a rectangular bar. Make the bar about 0.2 to 0.3 mm thick.

Step 4: File Some More

Now file down the modified metal rod. In the last step, we made an improvised Flathead screwdriver. Now we will make it Pentalobe! File the two edges to make it closer to a square than a rectangle. Don't file too much! Keep filing and trying until it fits perfectly in the Pentalobe screw head.

Step 5: Use It!

Use the tool we made to open your Apple device. Often the screws are not very tight so this should work fine. This tool is not very durable but you can heat treat it if desired.