Introduction: Remove U3 From Flash Drive

Our company just bought 150 of those flash drives (Sandisk Micro Cruzer 4GB) that comes with U3 preinstalled on it on a read-only partition. Now the U3 isn't really a bad thing to most people, but the U3 partition on it takes up another drive letter which sometimes prevent some of our network drives from mapping.

I decided to post this as an 'instructable' because it is different from the other one here

Maybe the U3 software has been improved, or maybe its just another away of removing it, but at least it eliminates the need to download another software just to kill the U3 partition.

Let's jump right in.

Step 1: Click the U3 icon in the system tray.
Step 2: Click on Settings > U3 Launchpad Settings
Step 3: Select 'Uninstall' > Uninstall U3 Launchpad

Step 1: Launchpad Removal Program

The launchpad removal program is fired up.

Follow the on screen prompts by the software to remove the U3 partition for good!

Step 4: Click Next
Step 5: Select No only if there's nothing on the flash drive that you need.
(actually even if there were any data on the flash drive I want, I would prefer to copy them out onto the computer, just in case there's a software glitch or power that corrupts my data!)
Step 6: Click 'Format' and finally 'Done'

Ta-dah! A U3-less flash drive.

This isn't much of an instructable but I hope it helps some people :)