Introduction: Remove the Front Clip From Your 1979 Camaro

If you are doing some serious repairs this may be worth your while.  This will help you remove the front clip in one piece.  The front fenders, hood, inner fenders, radiator support, front bumper, radiator, condenser and front end will all come off in one piece. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

3/8" socket
1/2" socket
9/16" socket
3/4" socket
Pry bar
Jack Stands
A few friends

Step 2: Locating the Bolts

First Jack up the car so that you can easily slide under it (remember to put jack stands under the vehicle and chock the wheels)

*** Please remove the battery before starting this process***
Number 1 you will need to move it to access one of the bolts number 2 it is always a safe bet to disconnect the battery before starting any major repair on your vehicle. 

These are the locations of the bolts that must be removed to remove the front clip:

2 bolts directly under the rear corners of the hood that go straight down through the fender.
2 bolts which are exposed when opening the doors near the top of the fender
2 bolts under the car where the fender meets the door
4 bolts behind the tire near the rear of the fender well (these are two bolts about 2" apart and they have 1/2" heads)
2 bolts that bolt the hood hinges to the firewall
2 bolts that hold braces to front of frame (these braces come through the radiator support and bolt to the top of the frame.
4 nuts/bolts that hold the bumper bracket to the frame (these are under the car. You will have to loosen the nuts out to the end of    the bolts and then hit them with a hammer to release the bolts which are splined into the frame.)
2 bolts and nuts that hold the radiator to the end of the frame.  Look down kind of behind and on each side of the radiator 3/4" headed bolts (you will have to hold the nuts for these bolts from under the car).

Be advised that where I say 2 bolts that is one on each side and where I say 4 bolts that is two on each side. 

Also, after you remove the 4 bolts that are splined you should insert a pry bar and pry the bumper brackets away from the frame.  

There was also one smaller bolt under the passenger fender on the rear that I also removed (not sure if that was needed but hey, I was there with a ratchet).

Step 3: The Rest of the Stuff

You will need to disconnect or remove the following items:

Radiator hoses (make sure to have a drain pan for the fluid)
A/C hoses (make sure to evacuate the system before doing this)
Wiring from the firewall (there is a wiring block that goes through the firewall just under the brake booster.  There is a 3/8" in the center bolt that holds it on. 
Vacuum hoses to the evap canister (drivers front fender skirt).
Wiring to the Wiper Motor
Wiring to the brake proportioning valve
A group of wires that run to the starter and ignition system ( I cut these because I am re-wiring the engine).
Transmission cooler lines (Again, drain pan).
Wheels and Tires

Step 4: Taking It Off

You will need yourself and two or three strong friends.  Two friends will grab hold at the wheel wells and two at the radiator support.  The whole assembly will have to slide forward 8" to 10" before being lifted to clear the upper A-arms.  The back end of the fenders will have to clear the unibody before you lift upwards.   There is a great deal of jiggling needed while sliding the assembly forward.  The front is by far the heaviest because it contains the radiator, radiator support and front bumper. 

I think I got everything.  If you perform this operation and find something that I missed please let me know.