Introduction: Removing Rivets

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I have just begun the restoration process of my tiny fiberglass trailer. When I pulled the interior lights down off of the hull, there were multiple rivets that were holding them in place, that now needed to get removed.

I gave each rivet a good tug with a pair of pliers to make sure which ones actually needed to get removed. (all of them :P)

I figured out which of my drill bits was the same size as the hole in the rivet, and then used that bit to drill out the rivets.

In summary:

1)Assess what size drill bit your rivets will need.
2)Drill out the rivet
3)Patch your hole (I'm patching this fiberglass hull with a 5 minute quick-set epoxy, the holes these rivets left behind are very small)

If you have questions, feel free to comment.