Introduction: Removing a Stuck Light Bulb Tool

We once got a light bulb stuck in a light socket in a fan light twelve feet (cathedral ceilings) off the ground. We tried everything get that bulb unscrewed but to no avail. Then, we decided to apply a little science by increasing our leverage. This simple tool handled in a few minutes what we had spent hours trying to accomplish.


3-4" wide tape

Two (2) - 18" strips

Step 1: Cut Strips

Cut two strips approximately 18" in length.

Step 2: Turn One Strip

Turn one strip so that the sticky side faces up.

Step 3: Apply Second Strip

Lay the second strip, sticky side down, leaving a six inch opening.

Step 4: Insert the Light Bulb

Insert the bulb of light bulb in the opening and press the tape against the bulb.

Use the leverage of the tape on each of the bulb to turn it.

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