Introduction: Removing a Wasp Nest

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This is how I remove wasp nest here in TX. It's very effective and for the most part pretty safe. If you have a better way let me know.

This Picture shows pesky wasp nest.

Step 1: Items Needed for Safe Removal of Wasp Nest

Removing Wasp Nest can be tricky, but I've found that this has been the most effective.

Equipment required:

Wet Dry Vacum cleaner. Make sure air filter is installed. Inside the vacum cleaner a cotton ball soaked in acetone can be put into canister of vacum cleaner to kill wasps once sucked into vacume clearner.

A hand pressurized sprayer with liquide pesticide. Follow and read instructions on water to pestcide mixture. The pesticide can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Step 2: Placment of Equipment

Test equipment to make sure it works properly.

Test sprayer to ensure the sprayer has enough pressure to reach wasp nest.

Test vacum cleaner to ensure the vacum has enough suction to vacum by putting hand over wand nozzle when turned on.

if vacum cord doesn't reach ensure extension cord can allow vacum wand to reach nest.


Step 3: Spray and Vacum

Pesticide for about 15 seconds.

This will coat the wasp wings and makes it hard for them to fly.

Some will fly away.

Then turn on vacum and proceed to extend vacum wand to nest.

visually place wand to vacum the wasps as you see them until there either vacumed or they fly away.

Knock down the nest to the ground

crush nest either by stepping on it or dropping something heavy to kill any remaining larva.

Thats it.

The wasp will die inside the vacum cleaner since a cotton ball of acetone was dropped in the vacum cannister. They should die within minutes. I usually wait a couple days to open cannister to empty though.

Good luck on removing the wasp nest! I've added the video so you can view the process.

Step 4: Your Done

I welcome any comments.