Introduction: Rename Your Cellphone

Even through this is easy, many do not realize they can do this. Whenever I use blue tooth I usually find an array of cellphone with stock names. Not cool when trying to find a friend's phone and they have an EnV as well as three other people!
Also, cell-phones are a huge part of our lives. People are protective of them, like a pet or child[which seems quite deranged but that's beside the point] so it only makes sense to name your phone!
Also, many thieves who steal your phone [like in school] wouldn't think to change your blue tooth name[through maybe your banner] or your SD card name!
So it is not only fun to name your cell-phone, but it's also in good taste!

This should work on most Verizon phones.

Step 1: Determining a Name

This will sound absolutely ridiculous, but think of a name for your cellphone.
It's gonna stick with it for a long time[unless you like reestablishing blue tooth connections every time you change your phone's name].
Think about your "relationship" with your phone. Is it a great phone? Or does it act like an insane monster? If you call it a worthless P.O.S. because it keeps shutting off on you [or freezing for that matter] then that might be a suitable name...unless it's a work phone of course!

I will demonstrate with my Blitz, whose name was currently UTStarcomBlitz, so I decided to rename it H3110 Wur1d for demonstration purposes[it's real name is by no means H3110 Wur1d]

Open up your phone so it's main screen is showing[if you're on an EnV you will want to flip it open, I doubt you can do this on the tiny screen].

Step 2: Get to the Bluetooth Menu

You want to go to Menu>Settings & Tools>Blue tooth Menu>Options>My Phone Name

On the Blitz, the Blue tooth Menu will be the third item down.

Enter a new name for your phone. You will probably have to reestablish any blue tooth connections after this.

Press OK to save it.

Step 3: Make Your Cell Wear a Name Tag

This is like a human name tag, in a sense, but you phone's can say anything! From "I <3 [insert sweetie's name]" to your text message signature, the possibilities are endless[well to your phone's character limit anyway]!

Menu>Settings & Tools>Display Setting>Personal Banner
Enter what you want your phone to say whenever you open it[not aloud, sorry, through that would be cool... I'd definitely make mine say "Wassup Kima?!"]
Press OK.

Step 4: Rename Your Micro SD Card(On a Windows PC)

If you listen to music on your Verizon phone[if you're on prepay, I'll put up a tutorial on how to do so later] or take multitudes of pictures, you most likely have/use a Micro SD card. It's nice to rename this, too, as to it's part of your phone, and if you have an SD card in one thing, you probably have several of these little buggers hanging around. And most of them look the same...
If you have a specific one for music, and a different one for pictures[who know, you may work your poor phone to that point?] you may have to label them differently on the outside. But if it's under a warranty, you may not want to do that, so here's a way to at least help you get notified on which SD card you toss into your computer if you have the one you want.
First you want to take your Micro SD card and put it into an adapter of some sort(so it'll go in your computer).

THEN You want to Plug it into the computer. Ignore any pop-ups that may appear. Just head straight to My Computer.

You will see something like the third picture jump up on the screen.

Right Click on the Micro SD Card...
and click rename.
Type in the desired name and hit enter.

This was my first instructable, and I know this seems RIDICULOUSLY easy, but so few of my friends know how to do this! Any tips on how to make this better would be appreciated!