Introduction: Renault Scenic Grand Scenic 2 II Drivers Side Front Windscreen Wiper Arm Repair Kit Bearings Installation Instruction Guide

The Problem

The OEM bearings within the wiper arms fail and cause the symptoms noted.

The OEM bearings in the drivers side wiper arm wear and fail prematurely causing wiper issues. The OEM bearings are poor quality and are incorrectly sealed and are not suitable for the application. It is a common fault for both bearings to fail on the drivers side wiper arm. Previously it was only possible to replace the entire wiper arm at the cost of £100+ from the vehicle manufacturer, unfortunately a new OEM arm features the same bearings which would just fail again over time.

Symptoms of the fault

Common symptoms include; windscreen wiper not clearing the screen correctly- with a lack of pressure on the screen. If you push down on the wiper arm base and this improves cleaning of the screen this is also a good indication that the bearings are failing. Noisy, rough operating or loose wiper movement is also an indication of failure. Unfortunately due to the poor quality bearings used by the manufacturer failure of this part is inevitable. It is often easy to spot failure of the bearings by inspecting them, you will often see that they are damaged, corroded or missing the protective outer cover.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

Renault Scenic 2 II 2003-2009

Renault Grand Scenic 2 II 2004-2009

Part numbers:



Our solution

Replace the bearings with our high quality ABEC9 bearings and restore full function to your wipers.

Our kit includes the parts needed to replace your bearings and restore your wipers to full health. Check out our video and pictorial guide showing how to repair using our kit. Our kit allows you to replace just the components that fail without the need to replace the whole wiper arm which would just fail again. Our kit does not compromise in any way on quality, we supply ABEC9 standard duel shielded bearings. Zinc plated screws and washers and Nylock nuts to ensure a vibration and weather proof retention of the bearings. We also include a drill bit designed to cut through the metal spline which retains the bearing. The drill bit is a HSS Cobalt drill, this is a fully ground, high performance cobalt steel drill bit manufactured with 5% Cobalt, chosen and tested thoroughly to make this repair as simple as we can.

Our kit

2X ABEC 9 duel sealed bearings

2X Zinc plated screws, washers and Nylock nuts.

1X HSS Cobalt drill bit.

Step 1: Open the Bonnet

The bonnet release is located in the passenger side footwell.

Pull the black bar shown here.

On the left side of the Renault badge, in the grill, is a tab - pull to open the bonnet.

Once the bonnet is open use the bonnet stay to keep up and lock into place.

Step 2: Remove the Scuttle Panel

Remove the rubber strip from the front of the scuttle panel.

You do not need to remove the scuttle panel completely, just the part shown.

There will be three bolts which need to be removed before you can remove the scuttle panel, shown here.

Step 3: Lever Up and Remove the Scuttle Panel

Use a flat bladed screw driver to lever up the scuttle panel.

Step 4: Remove the Wiper Arm

Remove the two plastic covers on the wiper arm.

Behind the covers will be two nuts, remove these two nuts to remove the arm.

When the nuts are removed if the arm doesn't come off go to the next step.

Step 5: Release the Arms.

Wind the nut back on a few threads.

Use a wiper puller to remove the arms.

Step 6: Remove the Plastic Covers From the Wiper Arm.

There are 3 covers on the wiper mechanism:

On the under side of the arm will be a small tab, push the tab down to align it with the hole in the arm.

Turn the arm over and lift the cover up. This will now allow you to lift it away from the wiper arm.

On the smaller cover, on the under side of this will be a small tab.

At the lower part of the cover, lever this back using a small flat blade screwdriver.

This will allow the cover to drop, now you'll be able to slide the cover back.

Step 7: Remove the Plastic Covers From the Wiper Arm.

For the second cover, it's the same principle, however there will be 3 tabs ( 1 at the front and 2 at the side) in total which you'll have to lever up to allow the cover to drop and slide back.

Step 8: Remove the Arms From the Bearings

You may want to spray the two arms with some penetrating oil, this will help you with the removal as the bearings can be rusty.

Start by clamping the arm in the vice.

Clamp the puller between the two arms, as seen in pictures.

When winding the puller into place, try to align the puller to the middle and straight, which will allow you to pull the arm out easier.

Once you start winding the puller, it may feel tight but this normal, once you have it moving you will see the two arms separating from each other.

Make sure when you are winding the puller, you have the other hand under the wiper arm to stop it falling off abruptly when they separate, as they may get damaged hitting the floor.

Step 9: Remove the Old Bearing

For this step you will need safety goggles/glasses, please do not start this step without the correct P.P.E (Personal Protection Equipment).

Before you're able to remove the bearing, there is a small lip that needs grinding away. We used a small grinding stone on a dremel, you may wish to use a grinder or something similar.

Clamp the arm in the vice bearing facing up.

Now grind a small amount away, this is to allow you to pull off the bearing easier.

You will need a 4mm socket or something the same size, this is needed to lift the bearing out as the tip of the puller is too large.

Using the 4mm socket, place it in the center, clamp the puller on the bottom of the bearing, making sure the socket is centered and not touching the bearing. You may have to adjust this a few times as it can move a little.

Once you have the bearing moving you will see it lifting from the arm.

Step 10: Drill the Bolt Hole Through the Spindle on the Arm

For this step you will need safety goggles/glasses, please do not start this step without the correct P.P.E.

Clamp the drill bit supplied in our kit to the chuck and tighten it with the chuck key. Clamp the arm in the drill, clamp spindle facing up.

You may have to adjust the clamp to get the drill in the center of the spindle before you start drilling.

Please Note: Make sure you re-adjust the spindle with the drill turned off, do not move the spindle while the drill is in operation.

Please be aware there will be metal swarf coming off while you are drilling.

Once you have drilled through the spindle, its always worth running the drill bit up and down a few times to get a clean cut.

Step 11: Fit the New Bearing

Start by offering the bearing up to the spindle, you may be able to get the bearing attached 1mm or so.

Clamp the bearing and arm into the vice making sure the bearing on the spindle is sitting correctly and not off to one side.

Slowly start to wind the vice up, you will see the bearing slide onto the spindle.

If you're not sure the bearing has been fitted properly, take it out of the vice, check and repeat the process again until you're happy.

Step 12: Fit the Arm on to the Bearing

Start by attaching the bearing into the main arm this will only fit one way.

You may be able to slide it into one another just enough to hold it in place.

Clamp both into a vice, moving slowly wind the vice back you will see the bearing slide into the main arm, you will see it pushing home, if not sure, always remove and check if it sits correctly and repeat until satisfied.

Step 13: Fit the Bolt, Washer and Nut to Retain the Bearing

The bolt can only be fitted one way as shown.

You will need a Philips screwdriver and a 7mm socket on a ¼ inch ratchet to tighten it up. Please be careful not to over tighten it or put pressure on the bearing, just nip it up until you feel it's tight enough.

Follow these steps again for the other bearing.

Step 14: Refit the Cover Trim

Refit the wiper arm covers and refit to the vehicle.

If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at . Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube. Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2013.