Introduction: Renault Twingo Clio Kangoo Clutch Pedal Link Linkage Ball Joint Ratchet Bar Rod Repair Fix Kit Install Instruction Guide

The Problem

The connecting rod from the clutch pedal wears and pops off of its ball joint causing these symptoms.

It is a common fault on Renault Clio, Twingo and Kangoo models for the clutch pedal linkage rod to wear and pop off of its ball joint. The OEM linkage features a poor quality nylon insert within the rod, this operates on a metal ball joint and inevitably wears and leads to the linkage popping off. Our customers note upon contacting Renault they are presented with a repair bill in the region of £400-500 for a complete pedal unit assembly. Not only is this an extremely expensive solution but also the new assembly would utilise the same linkage rod which would just fail again. Our solution allows you to replace just the component that fails; with an improved design permanent solution to the fault providing a vast saving.

Symptoms of the fault

Clutch pedal failure; dropped flat to the floor, unusable, stopping halfway or loose, clutch pedal ball joint linkage loose / popping off?

Vehicles affected and compatibility

Renault Clio II 2 1998–2005

Renault Clio Campus 2006 – 2012

Renault Twingo II 2 2007–2014

Renault Kangoo I 1 1997–2007

Associated part numbers:


Our solution

Fit our improved design linkage rod and repair the fault permanently at a vast saving to a complete new clutch pedal assembly fitted with the same poor quality OE linkage which would only fail again.

Fit our improved design linkage rod and fix the fault permanently, saving the cost of a complete replacement clutch pedal assembly which would only fail again. Our upgraded linkage rod is improved in design and material and will not pop off again. Our ball joint link rod is made from metal and features a dual retaining feature including retaining clips to prevent the linkage from ever detaching from the ball joints. Our heavy duty metal linkage with locking clips is a direct replacement for the original and can be installed very simply using our instructions and video guide. Our unique repair kit also comes with grease seals, allowing you to lubricate the linkage, the seals retain the grease to allow smooth lifelong operation.

You will receive

1x upgraded linkage, complete with locking pins and grease seals.

From X8R Ltd

Step 1: Remove the Old Linkage Rod

  • Using a 13mm spanner pry off the old rod from both ball joints.

Step 2: Fit the Grease Seals

  • Before fitting the new rod fit the grease seals to the ball joints.

Step 3: Fit the New Rod

  • Before fitting the new rod apply a small amount of grease on the inside of the joints on the new rod.
  • With both joints greased the rod will push on to the ball joints.

Step 4: Fit the Retaining Clips

  • Fit the retaining clips making sure these are located correctly through the base, then twisted around to lock in to position.

    Test the clutch pedal to ensure all is operating correctly.

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