Repair G-shock With Paracord Bracelet




Introduction: Repair G-shock With Paracord Bracelet

I use this G-shock for 4 years and it worn out.

For the first replacement, I use a 20mm PVC pipe to replace the locking looper, it work quite nice.

But I think the band also worn out significant these days, so I need to replace the band also.

I watch quite a lot about paracord bracelet but I sure that I can not make one.

Finally, I buy a paracord bracelet for US$ 2.5 (HK$ 20) and tie the G-shock on it.

I think this replace is the most easy and unique.



Some Comments on this method.

1. I use another rope (brown in color, smaller diameter - necklace) and tie some decorates at the end.

2. Paracord bracelet is heavy (when compare to watch band, probably similar to those metal band), so u did not feel there is a significant weight change after u tie compass/ thermometer....

3. For the same way, u can install small gadget on the bracelet or even insert memory card to the slot under the compass, or.... 3D print some...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great fix!

    I'm sure you could make a paracord bracelet! You should give it a shot some time, it's not too hard.