Renewing the Old Chair




Introduction: Renewing the Old Chair

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i found this chair at my neighbors backyard and they were about to throw it out so i jumped at the opportunity and started working

Step 1: Sanding... (a Lot)

i used my orbital sander to do most of the sanding but for the rounded parts i used some 100 grit sand paper just to get all the old dirty layer of the wood of so it would take the stain better

Step 2: Clean the Wood

the seat was made of straw so all the holes were full of it so i used my drill with a 5.5 mm drill bit to clean all the holes also i removed quite a bit of nails just because i don't want to get stabbed while sitting but im not gonna judge you

Step 3: Stain and Lacquer

i used a dark stain to get the chair looking like its not completely dead and it looks good with the white paracord after the stain dride i applied a layer of lacquer so it won't be ruined by rain and sun light

Step 4: And Now the Sit

i used white paracord because it wont get bleached by the sun (cuz its white and stuff)

my advice is to cut the rope to sections so it's easy to thread the rope throw the holes

and all thats left is to thread till you drop dead

dont forget to cut the excess and cauterize the wound

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    5 years ago

    Very Nice! I love the modern look of the random cord weaving. How much cord did it take? You really got a nice chair to work on. The 'ible is good, too - lots of pictures and detailed instructions. You've got my vote.

    BTW, I think the word you are looking for in the first sentence is "opportunity", meaning a chance to do something. And the last sentence, the word is "cauterize", meaning seal by using heat.

    Mr oinkerson
    Mr oinkerson

    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you very much for the comment.
    i used about 70 meters of paracord