Introduction: Renovate a Thrashed Corkboard

So we had this big cork board that was stained and chipped... not the look we were going for.


  • Thrashed cork board
  • Water based gel stain for wood (I used FolkArt Ultra Dye in turquoise)
  • Acrylic Paint (I used Bare interior water based paint in dark grey_


  1. gloves
  2. paintbrushes
  3. stir stick
  4. mixing cup
  5. Painters tape

Step 1: Prepare the Cork Board

Removes old bits of tape or stickers. Sand off any paint marks or random happy-faces people drew on the board.

When sanding be mind full that the sand strokes will show through the stain. So make them in the direction you want them.

Tape off the wood frame.

Step 2: Stain the Cork Surface

Mix the Ultra dye: 50% water 50% color (roughly) and apply to the cork with a brush. I was going for a painterly look so I did it in layers to get a washed effect.

If for some reason you had a more even surface you could roll it out.

Also if you were using a dark wood colored stain you will cover up more sins on the cork.

For my process I moved into the sun and used the brush and stain to create a drip effect.

Step 3: Paint the Trim

I allowed my cork to dry for two days before painting the trim as I really laid down a lot of water getting my painterly effect.

Tape off the cord with painters tape.

Paint the trim with your interior trim paint.

Step 4: Add Embellishments or Signage

For my signage I used some scrap cork I had laying around and laser etched the type. Then I used glue and push pins to attach it to the boar.