Introduction: Renovated Dresser With Neopixels.

The first step of this process was to decide which colors to use, in my case I produced a 3D design using FUSION 360, play with the different colors in mind and choose the best looking one. From here we are going to be more hands on.


Prime-line drawer track, Circular wood knobs, primer, paint, polyacrylic, sand paper, mask, gloves, goggles, 9’’ roller, 19mm roller, different type of paint brush, plaster of Paris, programmable neo-pixel, Arduino Nano, resistor( 10k and 330 ohms), push button, little piece of Velcro, 5v power supply.

Step 1: Sanding

This was the hardest and longest part of this process, luckily for me I was helped in this process. We had to sand the old dresser completely to remove previous paint job and correct some imperfection before we can move to the next step.

Step 2: Prime-line Drawer Track Installation

Most of the time the drawer track of old dresser are damage and do not allow a full range of motion. To facilitate this, replacing these tract was a really important.

Step 3: Primer Application

For the dresser itself we used Plaster of Paris to use less primer but also make the primer a more dense. Applying more primer sometimes facilitate the paint job, the drawers and the knob received two layer of primer and that was plenty.

Step 4: Time to Paint and Polyacrylic

After applying the primer on the dresser and everything else its time to paint. Always good to make sure the suggested time has passed after applying the primer. It is time to apply the first layer of paint, depending on the quality of the paint and other factors; this first layer could be enough but if it is not you can always add another layer or two.

After the paint dries we can apply polyacrylic to protect the paint on the dresser, the drawers and the knobs.

Step 5: LIGHTS

This is the fun part, having a little knowledge with Arduinos and lighting up different thing. This process was not too bad, only thing I added was a button to turn it on and off. After the code is working and the lights are also working we can install them on the dresser and put the dresser back together.

Also the code I used is attached to the this step.


Take the dresser up into the room, and as you can see it looks great, the paint job was well done and the lights add a different feel and mood to a normal dresser.

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