Renovating Chairs

Introduction: Renovating Chairs

How to make better old chairs in a few steps!

Step 1: What Is Needed?

Of materials:

Sand paper : P120, P180, P220

Sand disk: P180, P220

Wood Filler

Paint for wood : In my taste white mat :)


Grinding machine and

Paint gun (can also with roller)

Step 2: Preparation 1

Image 1: Sanding flat surfaces

Image 2 and 3: Before and after sanding

After this step, need to do a manual grinding of curved surfaces

Image 4: Before and after

Step 3: Preparation 2

Image 1: Filling up damage

Image 2 and 3: Before and after

Image 4: Appearance when preparing all 6

Step 4: The Last Favorite Step, Painting :)

Step 5: Final Look!

Upholstery will be in another post!

Thank you for your attention!

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    Nice renovation job. If you could, please add some more descriptions to the steps. It would really help other people trying to replicate the project.