Introduction: Renovation Bathroom Cabinet - Don't Throw - Fix It!

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As I walked down the street I saw this closet dumped and dismantled by the garbage bin, its condition was terrible but I immediately recognized its potential and decided to take it and make a comprehensive overhaul to fit it in the bathroom.

Step 1: Dismantling and Polishing the Wood Parts

So in the first stage the cabinet should be completely dismantled, then all parts of the wood should be polished to align and smooth the surface for a more pleasant touch as well, so that color will catch better on the wood.

Step 2: Coloring the Wood Parts and Mounting Back

After extensive polishing of the parts of the tree, I went to the wood coloring job. Of course I used special colors for wood. After about two hours of final drying, I began to connect all parts of the wardrobe and began to get the impression it was worth renovating.

Step 3: The End Result Is Perfect

After 3-4 hours of work, the final result was perfect! I loved the job. And it just proves to me that it is always possible to renovate and repair and it is a great shame to throw! If you walk down the street and see a piece of furniture you will try to find its potential and you may remember quality furniture for years to come.