Reorganizing My Garage

Introduction: Reorganizing My Garage

My name  is Mikael and I've been thinking about reorganizing my garage from scratch , so it will be more efficiant in use, its about 7X5 meters . My mane problem is that I live on a farm and work a lot with bouth wood and metal, I have a loot of tools and I find my self spending to much time finding the tools and  walking to all sides of the garage while fixing a machine wich can be a bother when you have a big tractor inside and getting around it not the easiest.

Also I have a bench saw and a jointer wich I use much when working with wood and also a big bench on the middle of the floor wich I can move, these take a lot of space when using and when I have to put a machine inside it takes a lot of time and effort to get these out of the way, especially the bench wich I wixh was foldable I hope the picture I sent with this shows kind of how it is, I was wondering if any one could give me good ideas of how to organice my garage and mabey a scetch?

Any help grately aprieciated and sorry about the spelling I have dyslexia and havent set up office yet on my computer.
Regards Mikael

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Welcome to Instructables.

    This might be better asked in the FORUMS section than written out as an "instructable".  You could put up an instructable later on the finished projects you make to organize your garage.

    Browse through the WORKSHOP category or use the search for  garage mods and portable tool stands.  The "Family Handyman" magazine always has articles on organizing tools and converting garages into workspaces.  Good luck.