Introduction: Repair Any CD,DVD, & BLURAY Player

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Do you wanna get some buck for an easy electronic repair, here it is!

In this basic but useful instructable i'll show you the basics for to repair and CD,DVD,BLURAY reader!

¿Do you have a Discman,DVD,Bluray or any other instrument that don't read you CD's?

¿Do you wanna get some bucks for and easy repair and easy money?

Let me show you!

Step 1: Tools What You'll Need...

Fisrt you need some instruments for to use in the repairing

Here is a list with the basic parts you'll need:

-Screwdrivers (Philips #0,#1,#2)


-Oil for machines

-Opener (could be a piece a plastic)

-Multimeter (very important)


Step 2: Knowing Your Device

Here is some pictures of a Sony Discman a classic cd player, you should first to recongnize your device before openning it!

In the case we will work for to repair a Portable CD Player (Sony Discman).

Fig A:

The discman model (is not necessary the same model you can try it with yours!).


Opened and without the top.


The openeed discman and it's brains!

(Check very careful any other component that could be damaged: like corrosion, oxide, cold solder, false conectacts).


The part that has to be repaired in this case is the lasser lens and the DC motor of the discman).


Representative image of the discman that not "read" the disc.

Step 3: Checking Resistance, and Continuity

Once opened the discman you'll see a pcb board, connector and display.

Before disconnect i recommend you to "mark" the places where is connected the cables, and move it gently.


You have to check the connector allways is a "boton" that close when the cover of the discman is opened.

*See fig. 3: Is needed to close the button with a pice of sticker, tape or any other thing that maintain it closed.

For the check resistance in the lasser lens there always a potentiometer (before you move it you have to check the resistance value:

1 -(+)= (2,1)

Here is a simple representation how it is. you can put your multimeter in Resistance measure in ohms.

  • Put the leads in the 1 and 2 for measure the potentiometer resistance value.
  • Put the leads in the 1 and 3 for read de potentiometer resistance value.

  • Check the Continuity of the cables of the motor, flexor (flat cable that connects the lens and the mainboard of the discman).
  • Check the continuity for other important parts of the check like: Metal connectors of the batteries.
  • If The motor don't spin check the conectacts and cable too.

Step 4: Moving the Potentiometer and Adjusting the Reading..

Finally you have to do this:

First clean the lens with isoprophilic alcohol or any other electronic cleaner you can use compressed air ofr computers for to clean the pcb board.


See fig 1 y 2 (is the localizatión of the litlle potentiometer for to adjust)


Very often the lens is very dirty you have to adjust the potentiometer moving a bit for to minimize the resistance).

Don't forget to check the potentiometer for measure the actual resistance value of the pot for better results).

Check it put it an original disc in it and try to "listen" and "see" how it works.

If the discman have difficult to read the disc move al little more the pot to adjust the resistance and check it again!

One you see that the discman read the disc rapdly, without interruptions and without more complication your job have finished.

Step 5: Checking Motors...

Finally this step is important too.

When a DC motor is dirty the velocity decreases and therebefore the movement is not the same as when it is new.

For a basic cleaning of the motor you first can check the impedance betwen this terminals, if the resistance measured with the multimeter is really high (mora the 100 ohms to megaohms) the motor is dirty and is nessesary to clean it.

A clean DC motor resistance is aprox: 8-30 ohms ins the discman case. but it could change.

  • For a good cleaning you can to use a good esare for clean the point contacts of the DC motor.
  • Quite the grass, dust ar any other unusual component in the internal of the DC motor.
  • You can add some mechanic oil in the movement pieces for a good maintaince.

Al last close the motor and check for the contiunity and correct spinnin.