Repair Bike Mirror

Introduction: Repair Bike Mirror

This Sugru instructable shows how to repair a helmet mounted clip on rear-view mirror for biking. The socket and fingers that hold the ball-joint part of the mirror in place broke over time and one of the fingers totally broke off as can be seen in the pictures. With this broken the mirror does still stay in place but it falls out at the slightest contact and sometimes when I try to adjust while riding. The sugru repair reinforces the socket to help extend the life of this important riding tool.


Mirror to be repaired

plastic wrap


1 small/sample package of Sugru

Step 1: Preparation Step

To ensure the mirror can still be adjusted when the Sugru dries it's important to cover the mirror/ball part of the joint with plastic wrap.

1. Wrap the plastic wrap around the ball joint.

2. Tape in place by wrapping tape around the mirror holding the plastic wrap in place.

Step 2: Apply the Sugru

1. Insert the Mirror back into it's socket.

2. Wrap the Sugru around the fingers pushing it deep into where the missing finger is so the Sugru will hold in place of the missing finger.

3. Move the mirror around to ensure the sugru will not interfere greatly with it's adjustment and push the Sugru one last time into the gap where the missing finger should be.

4. Let the repair harden for 24 hours.

Step 3: Test Repair.

1. Remove the mirror from the socket once dry.

2. Remove the plastic wrap/tape from the mirror.

3. Re-insert the mirror and test use.

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