Introduction: Repair Broken SkullCandy Headphones

I recently took a trip to Idaho, and I hit up Sun Valley. Beautiful mountain, but quite steep, elevation is almost 12k feet, and not completely noob friendly lol. Long story short I wiped out smashed my head on the floor, hat and google went flying off somewhere and my SkullCandy Icon 2 headphones I purchased 2 days prior where now in 2 pieces. With skullcandy headphones, you can send broken ones back to the company and they will give you a coupon for half off a new pair, really not a bad deal considering, but they are totally fixable. 

Step 1: What You're Going to Need...

At first I attempted to use that 5 min plastic epoxy that comes in the duel syringe(loctite brand), but it didn't hold at all, I guess the plastic epoxy can't bind to ABS plastic or whatever the headphones are mad of. To fix them I needed to use a stronger adhesive and devise a way to alleviate the pressure on the adhesive when the headphones are flexed.

What you're going to need:

Your broken headphones.
thin metal rods, I used cut up pieces of the metal from a binder clip, you could use finishing nails or whatever you can find.
a drill bit the approximate diameter of your metal rods
JB kwik weld

Step 2: Drill

You need to find the center of the broken pieces and and VERY carefully and VERY slowly drill about a half inch into the headband piece and the 2 extendable pieces on the earpiece.

Pay extra attention to kind of drill the ear piece on a slight angle so you don't pop out of the side.

When you're done, test fit your metal pins in the holes, if they are too small, go back in and wiggle the drill bit around a little. If they are too large, not to worry, you're going to fill them with epoxy anyway.

Step 3: Assemble

Get all your stuff together and ready to go, its time to mix the epoxy and you'll only have 4 mins to get this all assembled.

Mix the epoxy until you get a consistent light grey color.

Dip half of the metal pins into the epoxy and get a liberal amount on there, insert them into the head band holes.

Using a toothpick or something similar, coat the other half of the metal pins with epoxy and then coat the edge of the plastic on the ear piece and push the ear piece half onto the metal pins.

Apply a liberal amount of epoxy around the seam of where the 2 broken edges meet and hold together tight for 4 mins until the epoxy has pretty much cured.

It seems to have held up good thus far, I've used them a dozen times since.