Introduction: Repair Down Booties

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For the last several years I've been rockin' a pair of down-filled house/ tent booties. They've been with me to the Arctic in winter and have saved my poorly circulated feet from cold and numbness on countless other occasions. My family makes fun, but they do not know the awesomeness that my feet experience! Presently experiencing my own personal "financial recession," rather than replacing my beloved booties I decided to repair them the best I knew how. 

Step 1: Identify Your Holes

As you can see I've already patched one bootie where the fabric has worn through or torn. I found some small tears near where  the heel and ball of my foot normally fall.

Step 2: The Tools You Need

all you need for this simple repair is some tent or parka repair tape and scissors. The stuff you can get at your local outdoors store will work wonderful. I found a roll of it that I had stuffed in my parka pocket in case of a midwinter backwoods tear. (not only inconvenient but could be life threatening)

Step 3: Cut the Patch to About the General Size of the Hole or Tear.

Step 4: Trim the Corners

the corners of the patch are more likely to peel up if they are pointy and can catch on things. a couple snips with the scissors also make the patch more attractive. it's difficult to make square shapes look normal on a rounded shape.

Step 5: Double Check

make sure the patch you've just trimmed leaves extra space around the hole to be repaired so there is plenty of room to stick to the fabric.

Step 6: Peel Off the Backing Paper!

Step 7: Gently Place the Patch on the Fabric

don't just slap it down. you may have to move the patch slightly to remove wrinkles or cover all the holes

Step 8: Burnish

use the handle of the scissors to burnish the patch from the center outward, making sure to remove all wrinkles and achieve great adhesion.

Step 9: Ta-da!

You're done! Your camp booties are as good as new!