Introduction: Repair IQ700 Siemens Washing Machine Door Handle

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In this short instructable I show you how I repaired the door handle of my Siemens iQ700 washing machine. The door handle has a small part which operates the actual door locking mechanism, this part broke off.


You need the access to a 3D printer

Step 1: Open the Door

Our washing machine was closed when the part of the door handle broke off. The first challenge was to open the door. Thankfully someone posted a Youtube video of the ways to open the door.

The door was easily dismantled by removing all the torx screws. Beware of the heavy glass bulb in the door.

Step 2: Designing and Printing the Part

Glueing the broken part will never be strong enough to withstand the force in the future. Therefore I designed a part which would be stronger. For the designing proces, I glued the broken part back on to be able to measure all the dimensions. I designed the part in Fusion360. The stl file is attached

I printed the part in PETG (Wellhan grey) because this material is quite strong.

Step 3: Mounting the Part

I sanded the part and sanded the handle part before I glued the part to the handle.

Firstly I glued it very weakly to be able to fit the part in the door. Because it fitted perfectly, I glued the part thoroughly with 502 cyanoacrylate glue.

After drying of the glue I screwed the part to the handle to strengthen the connection.

Reassemble the door.

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