Introduction: Repair Leaking Rear Window 2008-2012 Ford Escape

Having trouble with a leaking rear window on your 2008 thru 2012 Ford Escape? Stop wasting money on replacing the seal and fix the problem for less than $10. The root cause is a design flaw. When the window closes, it pushes the seal down instead of straight in. Over time, the seal is permanently deformed flat. We will be inserting this foam into the inside of the factory seal to restore the shape and add pressure back into the seal. This took me about 30 minutes.

(Bear with me, this is my first instructable)


Rag or old t-shirt
ArmorAll or other protectant
Utility knife or scissors
3/8" Diameter Foam Backer Rod

Step 1: Clean the Seal

Cleaning the seal helped me to massage the backer rod into place.

Spray the protectant onto the rag and wipe down the outside of the seal. Ensure all dirt and debris is removed. Allow to dry a couple minutes.

Step 2: Locate the Lowest Hole and Add an Incision.

Find the lowest hole in the factory seal. Make a 1 inch incision with the utility knife as shown. Begin feeding the backer rod into the hole towards the top of the window. You'll be able to follow your progress by looking at the holes higher up the seal. As you are pushing the backer rod in, gently massage the seal towards the upper, center part of the seal. Once you have the seal to the middle of the window, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Measure Enough to Wrap to the Bottom

I wanted this to seal just around the bottom curve of the seal. Measure enough to just round the bend of the seal. Cut the backer rod and insert it into the hole. Massage it until it is fully installed.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and 3 on Opposite Side

Find the lowest hole in the seal and make a 1 inch incision. Insert the backer rod into the hole and feed it towards the upper, center of the window. Massaging the seal helps to feed it in. Track your progress by looking through the other holes in the seal. Once you meet the other end of the backer rod, measure enough to round the lower bend in the seal and cut it off. Insert the end into the hole and feed it into the hole towards the lower, center of the window.

Step 5: Clean the Window and YOU'RE DONE

I cleaned the window with a dry portion of the rag, removing a dirt and debris. This will help ensure a proper seal. Once closed, there is good pressure on the seal again. Any tips or anything I missed, please let me know. Hope this was helpful to you in saving money and keeping the water out!