Introduction: Repair Power Supply Miele W1514, W1714, W1614, W1730 . (EDPL200-A, EDPL200-M, EDPL200-W, EDPL200)

Special thanks to Kevin Steward for providing me valuable information.

There was no power at all on my Miele W1714. After disassembling the control board EDPL200 I noticed that IC TEA1522 was damaged and there was short on the transformer. TEA1522T is widely available but I couldn’t manage to find the transformer. Kevin Steward had the skill to rewind the transformer. If you visit his channel youtube he provides a lot of valuable information about this board, plus how to rewind the transformer.

Here below I will provide a workaround how to restore power if there is no power on the board

1) Disassemble the washing machine

2) Remove the board

3) Check the fuse, varistor, switch.

4) Connect power supply CAUTION HIGH VOLTAGE.

5) Measure the voltage on capacitors before primary and after primary (50V, 8V and 15V).

6) If there is no 8V and 15V as on the 2 capacitors capacitors, Kevin Stewart suggests to connect 50V external power supply and try to repair the board. Continue troubleshooting as Kevin explains. If you believe you will not be able to repair the board continue to step 7. (Continue step 7 if 8V and 15V is not present)

7) Remove the SMPS transformer

8) Connect external power supply on the board. I had salvaged a power supply from an old Humax 5400 receiver which had 8V and 15V, exactly what I needed.

9) Solder the 3 cables as indicated

10) After connecting the power supply you must notice “Waterproof” “fault” on the display.

11) You must now fix the external power supply somewhere in your washing machine.