Introduction: Repair a Broken Chair Rung

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It was your favorite chair until SNAP! a piece was broken. You might be getting ready to dump it or put it in front of your house as a lost cause for someone else to adopt, but wait! It can likely be fixed and you can have many years of satisfied sitting ahead of you.

All right, let's fix it!

Step 1: Clean the Wound

Remove the splinters at the ends of each piece. You want the two pieces to easily go back together and even have a slight gap between them for the epoxy to fill.

Step 2: Form a Tape Trough

To keep the epoxy from dripping all over the floor, use masking tape to form a trough on the underside of the rung. This will be an impromptu mold.

Step 3: Epoxy Time!

Time to glue it down! I'm using Loctite Epoxy here. The picture here is a little misleading. Do not just squeeze onto the rung! It's a 2-part adhesive so you'll need to pour it onto another surface (cardboard is great), mix it up thoroughly, and then pour it onto the rung.

Feel free to tap the rung a bit to dislodge any air bubbles and make sure that the epoxy fills up the gap.

This is a 5-minute Epoxy, but that name refers to the time for the epoxy to set. It will take a full 24 hours for it to cure.

Step 4: Hello Again, Chair

When the epoxy has set you can remove the tape. After it has fully cured (again, 24 hours) then you can sand down any rough parts with sandpaper. You can also paint the epoxy to better match the rest of the chair.

And you're done! Next time go a little easier on the furniture, OK?