Repair a Broken Cooking Pot Cap With Sugru




Introduction: Repair a Broken Cooking Pot Cap With Sugru

The handle of my pot cap was broken off. I repaired it with Sugru.

- First I put some Sugru between all parts of the handle and put them together (cf. red arrows on pic 1).
- After that, I put some Sugru on the bottom of the handle and pressed it several times against it to get a good connection. Then I formed the Sugru to fit through the hole in the glass and pressed it flat (the round hill in the middle of the pic 2).
- With the remaining Sugru I formed 4 arms to stabilize it even more.

After hardening the Sugru is well connected to the plastic and the glass. Not even hot steam can soften it or enable any movement, I use it for a month now.

All in all I don't even needed 1 pack of Sugru (5g).

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    9 years ago

    Is that a toy cooking pot?