Introduction: Repair a Broken Scissor

Repair a broken scissor with a piece of plywood and some glue

Step 1: Remove the Broken Handle

Step 2: Copy the Shape of the Handle

I need plywood 3 milimeter in width.

Step 3: Sketch of the Idea

I need three pieces of plywood.

Step 4: Draw the Stopper

Step 5: Make a Small Hole in the Handle

After i'll carve the definite hole.

Step 6: Carving the Hollows in the Plywoods

Step 7: Glueing

I insert the scissor to remove the excedent of glue into the handle

Step 8: When the Handle Is Finished, Carve the Hole for the Thumb

Step 9: Glue the Handle and the Scissor

Step 10: Finished