Introduction: Repair a Cut TV/internet Cable

This happened to me when someone dug a hole that cut through the TV/internet cable.
Repairman fixed it the next day, but how was I going to get through the next 24 hours with the internet?
Emergency surgery to repair the cable!
These instructions are illustrated for outdoor repair, but they will work just as well if you 
need to repair an indoor cable.
Almost all TV/internet cables are size RG-6, just under 1/4 inch thick  (.22 inches in diameter).
This instructable is for repairing a cut RG-6 cable.

Step 1: Tools

Left to right: wire cutter, cable trimmer,something to kneel on.
Make sure the cable trimmer has an RG-6 setting. You can buy the
cable trimmer at Home Depot or any hardware store that stocks
cable parts and supplies. 

Step 2: Supplies

Left to right: 2 F-F RG-6 compatible cable adapters, 2 twist on RG-6 F connectors,
1 6' length of RG-6 cable (with F connectors already attached).

In case F and F-adapter terminology is confusing, it means this:
An F connector has internal threads (and a wire poking out from the center)
to connect to another cable section.
But what if you have 2 F connectors and you want to connect them together?
Then you use an F-adapter, which has external threads on both sides
to attach to the F connectors.

Step 3: Make a Clean Cut on the Cable

This just makes it easier to attach the twist on F-connector.
From here on out, the steps should be applied to both cable ends.

Step 4: Strip the Cable

Not shown: Using the wire cutters, carefully cut away the entire covering of the cable, 
to expose the little wire right in the middle. Make this cut about 1/4 inch from the end.
Then strip the cable using the RG-6 setting on your cable stripper. This cut should
be made 1/4 inch back from where you exposed the central cable.

Done properly, the black outer insulation will come off, but the wire braid, foil wrapper,
and white insulation will be untouched. 

Fold the wire braid back down the cable.

Step 5: Attach Twist on Connectors

Slide them over the cable ends and twist them clockwise to tighten.
The inner wire should poke through the end of the connector
about 1/8 inch after you are done.

Step 6: Attach F-adapters

Screw an F-adapter onto each F-connector.

Step 7: Attach the 6' Cable to Each F-adapter

Job done!
Now go inside and play some games on the internet!
Oh, and don't forget to call the cable company so they can do a permanent fix.