Introduction: Repair a Tent Pole

Sick of fighting with your tent pole(s) every time you set it up? Are you wondering why you are fighting with them? Well chances are that the elasticity is gone in them. But don't panic all is not lost because in just a few simple steps with some cheap tools and parts you can fix your tent poles too. For very cheap ($1/meter).
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Step 1: Materials/Tools

For this project you will need:
More than enough elastic the thicker the better as long as it fits (at least 500mm/2' more than you need). (I doubled mine up as it was all i could find).
1 pair of Vice Grips.
A Knife/ Leatherman.
10 Minutes of your time.

Step 2: Remove the Old Elastic

Simply cut and remove the old elastic.
Arrange the poles in the order that they came apart all facing the same way. This is to make it easy to put back together.

Step 3: Tie and Thread

Place one of the washers over the elastic, tie one end of the elastic and thread it through.
remember that we arranged the tent poles? now you see exactly why.
Here's a trick that i used to make things easier simply use some of your old elastic or some thin wire if you have some handy to thread your new elastic through the individual pieces.

Step 4: Assemble and Tie.

Last but not least you need to assemble your tent pole and tie the loose end. To do this you will need to pull the elastic up until it is firm, but not tight. Then you use your vice grips to clamp the elastic so that you can tie the loose end with the washer in place. Now all that is left to do is cut the left over elastic back. 

Step 5: Thanks

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