Introduction: Repair Cracking Car Speaker

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Materials :

KrazyGlue from the dollar store

Hot Glue gun

Rubber gloves for handling KrazyGlue

Step 1: Take Them Out of Your Car

Mine were not the original car speakers, they were reused radio speakers.

Step 2: Put Some Crazy Glue

put some crazy glue under the center part by little sections and hold your fingers on and under the 2 parts for 30 seconds with ventilation for it to stick well. It won't look perfect once you're done, witch doesn't matters.

Step 3: Put Some Hot Glue

Put some hot glue in every little holes and then all around for isolation and to stop the speaker from making a cracking sound. And you're done. The speaker works like a charm now :) !

Step 4: Final Test

Overall it works fine but it takes away a bit of the subwoofing part, but doesnt really matter cause the left speaker compensate for it.