Introduction: Repair Male Plug of Dental Handpiece Using Sugru

This plug had a cable that  had been pluged out by  force many times, so eventually it had all seven  inner cables making a shortcut with each other and causing the handpiece not to work at all. So with some drops of super glue and a piece of sugru I managed to isolate the inner cables and stabilize the plug. This should probably have saved  the dentist more than 123 euros with VAT.

Take a look at  how simple it is.

Step 1: Check If All Pins Are Working Properly

To do this just use a multimeter in buzzer mode and check the conductivity for each pin.
In my case all worked  just fine...lucky me! 

Step 2: Use Super Glue to Isolate Inner Cables

This step is easy but also takes some time.
For each inner cable use a drop of super glue twice and wait each time to dry. This way you make a simple isolating layer.

Step 3: Optimize Stability and Isolation (sugru First Step)

I used*  two mini spaghettis of sugru for more stability and isolation, and waited for  30 minute according to the instructions of sugru

*: actually this part was done by a very loved artist I happened to know: punkartkaietsi. Had more experience

Step 4: Fill With More Sugru

Use some extra sugru and close the fist cap that cover the cables. If any sugru comes out wipe it out. Than just wait for 24 hours for sugru to cure.

Step 5: Assembly the Socket

Just assemble back the socket and go on and test it.

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