Repair of Dislocated Front Turn Signal Lamp

Introduction: Repair of Dislocated Front Turn Signal Lamp

A simple accident caused some damage to the front turn signal lamp assembly on this vehicle. The fixture was not able to safely stay on the vehicle chassis.

Step 1: Seal Any Holes in the Damaged Fixture.

Any physical damage to a plastic lamp assembly will cause damage. Luckily the damage here was not severe. A broken plastic guide pin resulted in a hole in the fixture. Cleaning the entire fixture to remove grime, black silicone was applied to make the fixture water tight.

Step 2: Use Adhesive to Attach the Turn Bulb Socket.

The ba15 single pin socket could no longer twist lock into the light fixture since the circular receptacle was damaged. Applying evostick adhesive (or any waterproof glue) to both The receptacle and bulb socket, the bulb was glued back. In the future if the bulb has to be changed then the socket can be pried out and then glued back.

Step 3: Reinsert the Fixture.

This turn signal lamp assembly was able to be pushed back into place. To ensure that the fixture does not come out easily, I used black silicone on two edges to bond onto the nearby headlamp fixture.

Step 4: Unsung Heroes.

Silicone and evostick has been my DIY companions for decades. They deserve so much credit for fixing broken stuff and creating new projects.

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    8 years ago

    Good job saved a bundle


    Reply 8 years ago

    Perhaps someday I can work with you to do some project work. What time is good for you? 630?