Repair Poor Design of Ryobi Chuck Key Holder With Sugru




Introduction: Repair Poor Design of Ryobi Chuck Key Holder With Sugru

The Ryobi drill press at my local hackerspace has a built in chuck key holder that doesn't do its job very well. The drill press vibrates sometimes and then the chuck key falls out of the holder. 

The second picture show the design flaw of the holder. There is a lip on one side, but none on the other. We are going to fix this with Sugru.

Step 1: Cut Off Small Piece of Sugru

Due to the size of the chuck key holder we don't need much Sugru. I cut off a small piece for this project.

Step 2: Knead Sugru to Match Width of Chuck Key Holder

Knead the sliver of Sugru to match the width of the holder.

Step 3: Fold Sugru Over Hold to Form New Lip

Take the sliver of Sugru and fold it over the end of the edge with no lip to form a new lip. The Sugru will set and form an excellent bond with the plastic.

Step 4: Finished Product

This is what it looks like after it has dried. Notice now that the opening on the holder (with the new lip) is smaller than the width of the main part of the chuck key. No more falling out of the holder.

The second picture show the newly improved chuck key holder mounted on the drill press.

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    Tip 3 years ago

    Use a magnet from a microwave oven on top of your drill press then you can attack all sorts of stuff. Ive got chuck key, center punch, a pencil in a clothes peg, screws, welding magnet, etc attached to top of mine. If anything is vibrating off then your drill is badly out of balance.

    magnet on drill.jpg