Introduction: Repair Your FisherPrice Cradle Swing

Do you have a Fisher Price cradle swing with a dead motor?
Do you want to spend $9 instead of $50+ dollars to repair it?
Even better, do you have a working Air Wick Freshmatic (or Freshmatic Express) air  freshener laying around?

If you answered yes to those questions, then read up, cause I'll tell you how to replace the main motor in your swing with the motor from the air freshener... cause they are THE SAME!

Besides the above items you will need:
1x Small flathead screwdriver
1x Small Phillips screwdriver
1x Medium Phillips screwdriver
1x Soldering gun + solder
1x Wire strippers/cutter
Some electrical tape, or if you wanna be fancy, heat shrink tubing.

Step 1: Rip Apart Your Air Freshener

Did you run out and buy the air freshener or have one laying around? Sweet, you are good to go.

1. Open it up, I used an old one laying around, so I pulled out the batteries and can, if it's new, you may be able to skip this step.
2. Get a small flathead screwdriver and remove the 2 triangular screws in Pic 2.
3. Using a Phillips, remove the 3 screws in Pic 3. The 2 large gears slide off their posts easily, using a flathead screwdriver, pry the small gear off the shaft of the motor.
4. Remove the 2 screws in Pic 4 and unclip the power cord to the motor seen in Pic 5.
5. Snip off the plastic clip and that's it! This motor will be replacing the dead one in your swing.
Pitch all the leftover parts of the air freshener, or use it for crafts, whatever floats your boat. The AA batteries should be fine, AND you can still use the can of freshener manually!

Step 2: Dismantle Your Swing 1/2

Ok, now we need to remove the dead motor from our swing. Pull the batteries or unplug the swing. Keep your infant happy in some way shape or form, luckily for me, my daughter enjoys the bouncy seat almost as much as the swing... almost.

1. With your Phillips, remove the screw holding the cradle in place, and depress the tab to slide it off the post. See Pic 1.
2. Depress these 2 tabs Pic 2, and slide the legs off, you can now take the top to a table to continue. (Note: What you are holding now is what you have to buy for $50 to "repair" it from Fisher Price.)
3. Remove 10 screws from the bottom of the unit, Pic 3 shows 5, the other 5 are mirrored on the opposite side. Note which screws go where, each pair is specific to it's location.
4. Remove these 4 screws under the battery cover, Pic 4.
5. Now gently pry on the seam starting from the rear and working forward. The front tab is a little tricky, but pull straight up to get it off. Be careful as the wiring to the control panel is only a few inches, and if you pull too hard it can come up suddenly and damage the wires.
6. Once the lid is off, flip it over and depress the 2 tabs in Pic 5. This will free up the control panel.
7. Tilt the control panel through the opening and put the lid aside. Pics 6 and 7.

Step 3: Dismantle Your Swing 2/2

Still with me? This is worth saving $40 right? Ok, now into the guts!

1. Remove the 2 screws holding on the inner lid of the swing, Pic 1. Lift lid off the spring and put it aside.
2. Remove the 2 screws holding the motor box in, Pic 2. Slide motor box up, it's a tight fit, but be gentle as there is a ton of wiring that can get caught on it.
3. Open the box by removing the 3 screws in Pic 3. Lift the lid straight up.
4. When re-assembling, pay attention to the small peg, and large hole on these arms, Pic 4. These will meet with the small hole and large peg on the bottom half, Pic 5.
5. The motor Pic 6, lifts right out, it's got some grease on the gears, so watch out. Pry the screw gear off the shaft with a flathead, and clip the wires off.

Done with dis-assembly! Just gotta transfer a small capacitor and diode from the old motor to the new one.

Step 4: Swapping Motor Bits

So close, I can almost taste it!

1. A comparison pic of the 2 motors. Left with the white cap is from the swing, right with the green is from the air freshener.
2. De-solder the capacitor, diode and wires from the old motor. Attach them to the new motor as shown, Pic 2. Current direction isn't important, but the cap is soldered to the side of the motor in addition to the pins.
3. Re-wire the motor into the swing, and seal with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.
4. Finally, put everything back together! Go back to the previous steps and do everything again... backwards!