Repair Your SanDisk Sansa E200 MP3 Sound, LCD, Battery, & Memory

Introduction: Repair Your SanDisk Sansa E200 MP3 Sound, LCD, Battery, & Memory

Hello, I started this instructable back in 2010, it never got finished most likely due to school, since it is now 2013 I though I would post it to help with anyone having an issue with this MP3 player. 
Will I ever finish it, maybe, if I have time and
Will I add how to install RockBox, NO, check out RockBox site and install from there,
Now for steps one to three.
Hello, do you have a Sansa Mp3 player and does it have an issue?
I will go over how to repair the following problems
-Battery Replacement
-Audio Issues with sound not coming out of one or both ear phones
-LCD cracked
-Scroll wheel or buttons not working
-Replacing or Upgrading internal memory

-1/32 Phillips driver
-5/64 Phillips driver

-soldering Iron -I used a cheap 10 watt one, I paid like $5 for it,
-solder i used 96/4 silver-bearing solder .32" diameter

Step 1: Battery Replacement

By far the easiest of the repairs.  A simple battery replacement.
-Now the Batteries last about 20 hours on a sinal full charge, but after 2 full years of use every day that battery gets a bit worn out.  Batteries can be found on ebay for about $8-9 new, or you can buy a used ones from me for $.99

-Step One take the cover off
The Red squares are the screws you need to take them off
The cover comes off from the blue square, pull up.

-Step Two replace the battery
Blue Square is replacement battery.
Follow the directions in the pu

Step 2: Audio Issues -fix That Jack

Ok so now your player does have some audio issues.  The most likey cause is that the 3.5 audio jack got yanked around and is now lose.
you will need
-soldering Iron -I used a cheap 10 watt one, I paid like $5 for it,
-solder i used 96/4 silver-bearing solder .32" diameter

-Step One -Take it apart.
we need to get to the audio jack, so completely remove the back cover and battery. and the second set of four screws. Then pop off the front cover, then remove the main board and turn it over.

-Step Two -Solder it
Be very careful, if you get solder on anything else you will have a problem. Let it cool then put it back together.

Step 3: Repair LCD Screen

Ok you dropped or sat on your mp3 player, now the e200 series is tough, I mean a car can run over it with out a problem, but it wont save it from the 40 story drop. Ok, lets do it.

-work in progess

Step 4: Scroll Wheel or Buttons Not Working

Step 5: Replacing or Upgrading Internal Memory

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    Question 2 years ago

    What about the radio? I have one where the radio stopped working.


    Question 2 years ago on Step 3

    Looking forward to this. I have 2 possibly three of these that have bleeded out


    4 years ago

    SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player .... file system error at Card (no play) radio works fine! how do you control volume?


    Question 4 years ago on Step 5

    SanDisk Sansa MP3 freezes at Logo on screen ...nothing else.....Shuts off w/ 10 sec. depress top button


    6 years ago

    I have a e250 that has a charging port pins damaged, if you want it for a screen replacement let me know.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Brocken, do you know if that's compatible with the e260? If so, how much are you asking for the device?