Introduction: Repairing Dented 2 Stroke Pipe

In this instructable I will show you how to repair a dent in a 2 stroke dirt bike pipe.

You will need: Wire, a plug, a tire valve, an air compressor, and a blowtorch.

Step 1: Add the Plug

You need to plug the long side of the pipe. Anything will work as long as it does not let air pass through. Also, you will need to wire tie the plug down for safety.

Step 2: Add Tire Valve

Next you will need to use a tire valve on the other side of the pipe. This will allow you to pump air into the pipe later on. Again, wire tie the valve down for safety.

Step 3: Pump 25 Psi Into the Pipe

Next you need to carefully pump 25 psi into the pipe. No more. If you do, it could possibly cause the plug or the tire valve to launch and hit someone or something. Also, if it is cold outside the psi will slowly decrease. It is best to do it in warm weather.

Step 4: Use Blowtorch to Heat Up the Dent

The last and final step is to take a blowtorch to the dent while 25 psi is still in the pipe. The flame from the blowtorch well heat up the metal and cause it to expand back to it's original shape and form. It won't look like new but it sure will look better than a dent.

Step 5: Final Results

You will see a huge difference. The pipe won't look brand new but it sure will look better than a dent.

Step 6: