Introduction: Repairing Dented 2 Stroke Pipe

Here is how to fix dents in a 2 stroke dirt bike pipe.

You will need: Wire, 1 plug, 1 tire valve, air compressor, and a blowtorch.

by: Preston Parrish

Step 1: Wire Tie Plug on One Side

You are going to need wire and something to plug the hole of the long side of the pipe. You need the wire to make sure the plug does not shoot off due to the air pressure that you will soon put into the pipe.

Step 2:

Next you need to put the tire valve on the other end of the pipe. The tire valve with allow you to insert air into the pipe. And again, wire tie it down for safety.

Step 3: Add Another Plug to the Other Side.

Now the pipe needs to obtain approximately 25 psi. If it's cold outside the pipe will lose air pressure, so make sure to keep an eye out on the psi. If the weather is warm the process will be much quicker.

Step 4: Use Blowtorch to Soften the Dent.

While 25 PSI is still in the pipe, heat up the dent with a blowtorch and soon you will pop out the dent. Be careful while doing this, because you can easily burn yourself.

Step 5: Final Results

You will see a huge difference in the dent. The pipe won't be perfect, but it sure will look better than a dent.

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