Repairing Microsoft Office in Windows 10

Introduction: Repairing Microsoft Office in Windows 10

It's very important for a Client Systems Technician to be able to think analytically and to repair common computer issues that many users may face on a day-to-day basis! You will have to listen to the user, understand what issue they are trying to convey, determine the cause of the problem, and then repair it on the fly. While we can't prepare for every possible thing that could go wrong, we will still keep a repository of common repairs in order to reduce the amount of time spent on individual issues and make ourselves more and more efficient.

One common problem that users may face is running into issues with the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Before we begin, you will need the following items:

1. Desktop or Laptop computer with Windows 10 installed

2. A laptop power cable if necessary

3. A mouse and keyboard attached

4. A monitor connected to your PC

5. Log in to your Windows 10 machine

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to use the 'Repair' function to correct many smaller issues with any of the Microsoft Office programs!

Disclaimer - While no inherent safety risks exist, please be sure to follow the guide step by step or you may risk causing irreparable damage to your current instance of Microsoft Office programs. Any views or opinions expressed are those of the creator and not of Bowling Green State University or the 180th Fighter Wing. Use the guide at your discretion; any accidental software or otherwise damage accrued by using this tutorial will not be the responsibility of the author and by utilizing the tutorial you are taking responsibility for your own actions and potential software corruption.

Step 1: Right Click on the Windows 10 Start Button

From your Windows 10 desktop, right click on the Windows 10 Start Button to see a list of sub-menus.

Step 2: Select 'Settings.'

Once you have right-clicked on the Start button, you will see a list of sub-menus. Underneath Task Manager and above File Explorer, you will find Settings. Left click on this option.

Step 3: Type 'Control Panel' Into 'Find a Setting' Text Box.

Once you've selected 'Settings,' the Windows Settings menu will open. You are going to type Control Panel into the 'Find a setting' text box and hit enter.

Step 4: Select Control Panel

Once you have typed in 'Control Panel' and hit enter, these search results will appear. Left click on Control Panel to proceed.

Step 5: Select Programs and Features

Now that the Control Panel is now open, ensure 'View by:' is set to small or large icons, then locate the Programs and Features selection.

Step 6: Locate Microsoft Office and Select 'Change'

Once your Programs and Features is open, scroll through your list and select your Microsoft Office program. In this example, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is being used.

Once you have your program highlighted, select 'Change' near the top of the list as shown in the pictures associated with this step.

Step 7: (Optional) User Account Control

If User Account Control prompts you after selecting 'Change,' choose Yes as Microsoft is a verified publisher.

Step 8: Quick or Online Repair

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will select Quick Repair.

Both options end with a beneficial result, though Online may be required for more in-depth repairs, but they take much longer.

Step 9: Quick Repair Verify

This window will appear after selecting which repair you would like to complete. It is a way for Windows to verify that you would like to accomplish the repair immediately. Select Repair to begin.

Step 10: Lastly: the Waiting Game

As you can see in the photo attached, your computer will begin repairing your Microsoft Office suite of programs! You will receive one last prompt just to ensure you know that the repairs have been completed.

This technique should mainly be used if none of your Microsoft Office programs are opening or functioning correctly!

Finally, shown above will be a video of the entire process for refresher training in the future!

Step 11: Final Product

The very last thing you should see before celebrating is this image, stating that the repairs are complete. Congratulations!

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    5 years ago

    Oh how I miss Windows. Great level of detail.


    5 years ago

    Valuable information, working in ITS I have seen many times when a repair has had to be performed. Thanks!