Introduction: Repairing a Deer Feeder

The supplies I used was 3D printers to make parts for the casing like a leg that broke, mount for the motor, and a piece to sealing off a hole. Then used epoxy to put all the 3D printed parts on. I had to but a new motor and slinging plate because the original parts were broke. I used an ardunio and mosfet. I used a 1 million ohm resistor and wire with a 6v battery.

Step 1: The Broken Motor Case

Arm is broken and where the motor screws in is broken.

Step 2: Failed 3D Print Screw Holes Were to Far Apart

Step 3: The Working Plate

Plate is 3 inches in diameter.

Screw holes are .13 inches in diameter.

Center of the screw holes are 1.03 inches away from each other.

the center hole is .53 inches in diameter.

Step 4: Motor and Slinging Plate

The motor and plate is from Wild Game Innovations

link to where I bought the motor

Link to where i bought the plate

Step 5: Before Mounting on the Motor Plate

Step 1: I had to cut the hole I used a hole saw

Step 2: drill holes so the epoxy can have something to grab onto

Step 3: use the epoxy

The hole is 2.143 inches in diameter

Step 6: The Plate Epoxied on

60-40 ratio

60% epoxy resin

40% epoxy harden

about 1 gram of silica thickener

Step 7: Arduino Holder

The width of the box is 2.087 inches

Length is 3.05 inches

Length of the inside of the box is 2.70 inches

Height of the box is .615 inches

Step 8: Deer Feeder Arm 3D Printed

The feeder arm broke when it fell so we epoxied it on there and used fiber glass cloth to add support to the arm

Step 9: The Wire Connected After Soldering

In channel mosfet, arduino, dc motor, battery adapter with mortification to go onto the 9v battery

Step 10: Arduino Code

This was a 12 hr program super simple.

I had to convert 12 hr into milliseconds which was 43,200,000

I have the motor on for 5 seconds

I used pin 13 to power my mosfet

Step 11: Hook It All Up It

After hooking it all up you are done fixing the feeder

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