Introduction: Repairing a Pocket Notebook

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This is an easy thing to do, My suggestion though is watch the videos.. Save yourself the reading because I feel I do a good job explaining in my video. Nevertheless, Rules are rules, it's 12:39 AM and I had to damage a notebook to take the photos. If you feel like reading this, i appreciate your time, Please comment, favorite, or toss a like onto my YouTube videos! And, If I am accepted into any contest, Please vote.

Step 1: You Need Things.

Cardboard, cloth, or decorative paper for the binding.

Glue. I use Tacky Glue, but any glue marked "Archival" will do the trick. (PLA glues.)

Brush. Acid brushes are fine.


Binder clips

Plastic spacer blocks (You can use anything that won't stick to the glue. A ruler wrapped in wax paper works well.

Heavy flat weights for clamping if you cover a large area.

Optional: punchy doos like for crafting and scrapbooking. (See pictures and second video.)

Optional: Decorative paper instead of cardboard, OR Cloth.

NOT OPTIONAL: Damaged notebook.

Step 2: Split the Cardboard for Your Binding Material.

Peel the heavy paper carefully away from the corrugations. It's pretty easy if you bend the corrugated side sharply from the paper. I do it in the video.

Step 3: Prepare the Binding

Prepare the binding by creasing it down the center and then cutting it so it is consistent with no sharp corners (More durable.)

Then spread glue on both the binding material AND the notebook. I doubt that's necessary, but I do it anyway.

Step 4: Apply the Binding Material

Align the covers, Then orient the binding material centered over the spine and gently press it over the sides and into place.

When the binding material is centered as you prefer, firmly press it into the glue. A roller is quite handy here but mine weighs a little over 100 Lbs so I don't use that.

Apply spacer blocks, and clip into place.

You can also sandwich the repaired notebook between heavy flat weights with waxed paper covering them. I usually use steel blocks.

You're done. The next step is more pictures.

Step 5: Finished Repairs

These notebooks are wonderful. I prefer Field Notes more than Moleskine though because the covers seem more durable. That said, I have still had them fail. Aside from the Expedition edition, this repair seems to work just as well on the Fieldnotes books as on Moleskine or any other brand. IF however, you are in doubt, A quick scuff over with 220 grit sandpaper should allow your repair to stick to just about Any cover material! Happy repairs!

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