Repairing a BFT DEIMOS Sliding Gate Operator.

Introduction: Repairing a BFT DEIMOS Sliding Gate Operator.

My stupid sliding gate motor operator stopped working early one morning. How dare it! Luckily it was a Saturday and after taking a hot shower to calm my anger, I took a nice sleep. Waking up I tackled this ungrateful gate operator.

The problem was a blown fuse and the fuse blew because of the supply transformer being bad. After owning it for only 5 months this is what I got? Instead of calling the good for nothing supplier I got the operator from, I applied my crafty mind to the problem. Read on my fellow hobbyists to learn what my mind did.

Step 1: Obtain 24volt Dc Power for the Control Board.

My gate operator actually uses 24volt dc internally. My home is solar powered and uses 25.6volt battery bank. I ran power from a 10amp circuit breaker to the gate power chord. I needed only 2 conductors for the DC supply.

Step 2: Connect Power to the Control Board.

Being very careful with polarity, I prepared to connect the leads to the control board. The terminals I connected to are for the optional batteries. Of course the manual for the gate operator does not explicitly state connect batteries here! How rude of them!

Doing some research I found the battery terminals. Excellent. Time to hook up and test.

Step 3: Commissioning Under Pure Dc Supply.

Connecting the battery leads gave a satisfying click from the board and confirmation of good power. I used my remote and voila! It works! I did a victory dance and cursed the manufacturer and supplier. I hope they heard me.

Notice the amount of free space I Made available since I gutted the transformer out. This room I'm gonna use for an electric net to protect the motor housing from my dogs.

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    6 years ago

    Very clever I hope nothing happens to my BENINCA TO GO 2WP because id have no idea what to do with it! We have had it for a while now with no problems so i should be safe!


    Reply 6 years ago

    I hope so too! If yours has the battery backup option then you can do the same approach as I did.