Introduction: Replace 2008 Audi A5 Air Filter

This instruct able will show you how to replace the intake air filter on your Audi A5.  This example is made on a 2008 model, but should be applicable for most model years.

Audi's are notorious for being difficult to work on.  However, this is a pretty simple job to do for any beginner.  Takes about 30 minutes if you have the right tools to start.

If you change your own air filter, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.  I spent $56 on this air filter.  Having a pro replace it can run around $75-100 per.  Since I bought a washable filter, this will save me quite a bit of money over the course of ownership.  Another thing Audi's are notorious for is high cost of maintenance.  So, here's an easy way to bring that down a little.

Step 1: Tools You'll Need

You will need the following items:
Torx Head Driver size 15
Torx Head Driver size 25
Flat Head Driver
7mm Socket
Replacement Air Filter E-1987

Step 2: Taking Out the Air Box

To remove the old air filter, you need to take the air box out.

1) Loosen the hose clamp on the air hose.
2) Unlatch the two clamps on the connector.
3) Unscrew the 7 Torx screws with your 25 size drive head.
4) Disconnect the air hose.
5) Lift the air box with the old air filter attached out of the engine compartment.

Step 3: Take the Old Air Filter Off, and Put the New One On

1) You'll use the smaller Torx driver to remove the screws holding the current air filter in place.  
2) Remove the extension piece for the air hose connector
3) Take the old filter off (duh)
4) Put the new filter on, aligning the attached bolt heads to the existing holes in the box lid.  Ensure it's seated securely, may require a little brute force to align the bolt heads.  
5) Place the washer and nuts on the bolt heads and tighten with your 7mm socket.
6) Reinsert the extension piece, and align the slit holes with the clamps.  May require a little bit of force to get it fully seated.

Step 4: Put the New Filter Into the Engine Compartment

At this point, you're practically home free.  

1) Place the box lid with filter back in the compartment
2) Seat the air hose onto extension piece (Do not tighten the screw yet!  You'll need some play in the hose position for the next step.)
3) Set the lid into the compartment.  This is the hardest part.  Getting the lid to seat correctly will probably take a lot of wiggling.  But you'll know by feel when it's seated correctly.  Sorry, there's not a better way to explain it. 
4) Once the lid is seated correctly, the Torx screws should be lined up perfectly and ready to be screwed in.
5) Tighten the hose clamp, double check that it's securely seated to the extension piece.  You don't want this to come loose while your driving!  But just hand tighten, you don't want to crack the housing.
6) If you didn't already screw in the Torx screws do that now.
7) Admire you're work!  You're all done!
8) Start your car just to make sure it's working correctly before you close the hood.