Introduction: Replace Batteries in Display Remote

You are currently preparing the large conference room to brief organization managers and leaders on the annual budget. The conference room chairs are filled. You grab the remote, press the power button and there's no response from the display. Second attempt and still nothing. You were able to locate the power button on the side of the display to power up, however the display is now showing the wrong input. Unable to change the input source without a working remote, you must replace the batteries to continue with the presentation.

In this instructable, I will walk you through the steps to locate, remove and replace the batteries for a general display remote. Upon completion of this instructable, learners will have the knowledge to change remote batteries without assistance.

Instructors and presenters of all levels will find the following procedures useful to ensuring that presentations are carried out with minimal delays.

Disclaimer: Take precaution during removal and installation of batteries to avoid pinching finger or damaging a fingernail.

WARNING: If battery cover is removed and battery corrosion is present, STOP procedures until the battery compartment is cleaned by trained professionals.


Batteries AA or AAA

Step 1: Identify Location of Batteries.

With the remote in hand, turn the device over with the buttons face down. Examine the back of the remote to locate an arrow that directs the proper opening direction for the battery cover.

Step 2: Remove Battery Cover

If the remote on hand has a slide cover for the battery compartment, grasp remote and slide cover in the direction of the arrow as seen in the photo. Once cover is removed, batteries will be exposed.

Step 3: Remove Installed Batteries.

Remove batteries while adhering to the precautions. The order in which the batteries are removed is not important. To remove the batteries, press the positive end of the battery against the negative spring, while simultaneously pulling up to remove.

Step 4: Identify Type of Batteries to Install Into Remote.

The modern remote operates off one of two types of batteries, AA or AAA. A comparison of the types can be seen in the first photo. After batteries are removed from the remote, the housing identifies the type of batteries required for operation, as seen in the second photo.

Step 5: Identify Direction of Positive and Negative for Battery Installation

To identify the battery ends, rotate battery while looking for a positive or negative sign.

Step 6: Install New Batteries Into Remote.

Install batteries while adhering to the precautions. No particular order is required while installing the batteries. Place the first battery withe the negative side against the negative spring. While depressing the battery against the spring, push the positive end down into the battery compartment against the positive contact.

Step 7: Repeat Step 5 Through 6 for Second Battery Installation.

Install batteries while adhering to the precautions.

Step 8: Ensure Batteries Are Properly Seated.

With both batteries placed into the compartment, ensure batteries are properly seated by pressing down feeling for vertical movement.

Step 9: Reinstall Battery Cover Onto Remote.

To reinstall the battery cover, place the cover onto the remote while aligning the arrows. Once cover is down, slide cover in reverse direction of the printed arrow. Cover is completely installed if an audible snap is heard or felt while sliding the cover.

Step 10: Perform a Power Test of Remote With New Batteries Installed.

After previous steps are completed, an operational check should be performed to ensure the process is complete. The remote used for this instructable, had a red LED light at the center, which illuminated, whenever a button was pressed. Depending on your remote design, an LED light may be used, however pressing the power button on the remote is as effective.

Step 11: Full Process Video

The following video shows the complete process of all 10 steps. Refer to previous steps for explanation into each step.