Introduction: Replace Broken LCD on Fujifilm X-T1

The LCD monitor on my Fujifilm X-T1 broke. I contacted Fujifilm, but they stated that they don't sell parts. Sending an old, abused camera in for repair without knowing the price (and I bet it would be more expensive than the value of the camera). So I headed for Ebay and ended up buying one of the cheapest screens from an Asian seller.

Comparing the original with the replacement part, I noticed that the beveling on the edge of the glass is not the same as the original. Other than that, the quality looked ok.


1 new LCD monitor (sourced from Ebay)

Glue for LCD screen (I used "T-7000 that I had lying around)

Copper tape

Step 1: Remove Screws From Back of Screen

Note, you can access the screws either by flipping the screen down from the top or out from the bottom. You can not access the top middle screw from the top; instead access it from the bottom as shown.

You should also notice that among the 8 very small screws, 2 of them are slightly bigger. They go on either side on the top of the screen.

Step 2: Soften the Glue With Heat

I used a screen heater I once bought from an Asian seller on Ebay. It keeps the temperature very accurately and let me heat the screen by leaving it on the heater plate. If I had not had this heater, I would have tried with a hair drier.

When the screen is heated sufficiently, it will be possible to press the screen out of the plastic frame.

Important: Take note of the orientation of the plastic frame on your camera. When I finally glued the parts together, I didn't notice the tabs on the left side of the screen. I was lucky and glued it in the right position.

Step 3: Remove the Connector Board

When the screen is separated from the plastic frame, you will have to remove a small circuit board from the broken screen. Use more heat to soften the glue. Use a guitar pick or something similar to wedge the board off.

The ribbon cable is released by lifting the black part on the connector. The ribbon cable slides out easily.

Step 4: Comparing and Testing

When comparing the broken screen with the new screen, I notice that the broken screen has the ribbon tightly taped down with copper tape. It was not possible to reuse the copper tape. Luckily, I had some lying around. Now would be the time to apply the tape, but I forgot it and had to tape it after I had glued the screen to the frame. No big deal.

Step 5: Glue the Frame and Connect the Ribbon Cable

I used a Chinese knock-off glue called T-7000. They come in all variants and with different names but it is strong and dries fast. I had that lying around. Use sparingly, or it will make a mess around your LCD screen.

Put the ribbon cable in the connector and close the latch. I also put a piece of tape on the ribbon cable where I had previously removed a piece of white tape.

Step 6: Done!

I am quite happy with the result. With the screen installed, I do not notice any degradation in the display quality.