Introduction: Replace Canvas Roof With Corrugated Steel

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After a windstorm ripped the canvas covering from my portable shelter, I replaced it with corrugated steel roofing.  To prevent it sailing away with the next windstorm I anchored the frame to the ground with 3/8" spiral ground anchor screws.  If more protection is required the sidewalls could be covered the same way.

Step 1: Strap Detail

This is a closeup of a strap attaching a nailer to the pipe frame of the building.  The straps are cut to the required length from a roll of perforated pipe strapping and attached with heavy duty wood screws.

Step 2: Roofing Nailers

Two by fours are fastened to the pipe roof frame at 16" spacing intervals.

Step 3: Nailer Overlap

The nailers are staggered and overlapped so that the pipe straps are not too close to the ends.

Step 4: Tiedown Anchor Straps

Four tiedown anchor straps keep the structure from blowing away.

Step 5: Anchor Screw

Ground anchors are screwed into the ground about 18" .

Step 6: Anchor Strap Top End

The top end of the anchor strap hooks over a bolt through a pipe strap wrapped around the building frame.  I let roofing overhang the sidewall in case I decide to sheet up the walls too.  The structure is still portable if you have enough friends to help you move it.