Introduction: Replace Headlight Lamps on a KIA Ceed Left & Right Side

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Hi! It's quite easy to change/replace the lamp/bulb on the headlights on a Kia Ceed. It doesnt take many minutes and its easy. It could also save you a couple of bucks by doing it yourself instead of leaving it to the car mechanic.

If you just want the moving pictures of this, there is a small video.

The usual way to do this is dismantle the whole headlight. This way you just have to move the coolant dispenser and/or the battery.

The only tools I use is a socket wrench size 10 mm and 12 mm. You could also use a pair of pliers.

The headlights lamps is H7 12V 55W.

I have had other cars like KIA Piccanto, Hyundai Getz and Hyundai Atos. They all have the similar headlights, so this instructable will probably work on them too. This car I have here is a 2008/2009 year model.

For me, If I have the tools at hand, it takes about 10 minutes(or less) to change lamp on the right side and about 15 minutes or less on the left side.

Ok. Stop the car and pop the hood! Lets get started!

Step 1: The Right Side

The right side (from the driver position) is quick and easy.

To get a better reach, you can loosen two screws to the coolant dispenser. Use the 10 mm socket wrench to unscrew the two bolts and just move the dispenser a bit.

Step 2: Removing the Old Lamp/bulb

Locate the lid and unscrew it.

Then you can reach inside and pull out the power connector. Pull it straight back and out from the lamp.

Then push in the metal spring that holds the lamp in place. Push in the metal spring and move it a bit to make it release the lamp.

And then carefully remove the old lamp.

Step 3: Put in the New Lamp (right Side)

Ok. The photos here are pretty worthless. But I figure if you got the lamp out, by now you should know where the new one will go. :-)

The KIA Ceed 2008/2009 uses a H7 12V 55W bulb/lamp. Never touch the lamp with you bare fingers.

Fingerprints (fat and grease) will stick to the glass and the bulb gets very hot and could cause the lamp to crack.

Carefully put the new lamp into the socket. Be observant to the metal piece on the lamp, so it will fit into the headlght. Check from the outside so that the lamp is straight and fit snug.

Then push back the metal spring. Attach the power connector and put the lid back on.

Before putting back the coolant dispenser, turn on the car ignition and check to see if the light works.

Step 4: The Left Side

Left side from the drivers position is the tricky side. Its darker and more mysterious...

The battery will not be disconnected. You will just nudge it a bit. First locate the metal bracket that holds the battery. You will need a 12 mm socket wrench to remove the one screw

Step 5: Remove the Old Lamp

Reach down to unscrew the lid.

Then disconnect the power connector. Pull it straight back and out.

After that you push the metal spring in and down to release the lamp. Carefully remove the lamp.

Step 6: Insert the New Lamp

Ok. Again bad pictures (sorry), but if you got the old lamp out, you know what to do. :-)

Carefully put in the new lamp/bulb. No bare hands. Use gloves. Dont scratch the lamp and be observant to the metal piece on the lamp, so it will fit correctly in the headlight.

Check from the outside of the headlight that the lamp is connected straight.

Put back the metal spring and lock it in position by pushing it in place.

Then connect the power socket and put the lid back on.

Before putting back the screw to the bracket to the battery, turn on the ignition and check that the light works.

If it works, then put the bracket back.


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