Introduction: Replace Ipod Nano Battery (1st Gen)

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This instructable goes over how to change the battery in your 1st Gen Ipod Nano. This ipod was found in the junk pile at instructables with a bloated battery. Next time your friend throws out their old ipod, try to fix it up!

Step 1: Supplies

You need a bit of supplies to complete this:
A Broken iPod
New Battery
Soldering Iron

a note on batteries, you can get them off of ebay, but i got mine from

Step 2: Desolder the Old Battery

First you need to make room for the new battery, do this by desoldering the old one from the logic board.

Step 3: Unscrew the Logic Board

There is one screw holding the logic board to the ipod, unscrew it to make it a bit easier.

Step 4: Solder the New Battery

Next carefully solder the new battery onto the board, the order from the left side of the back of the ipod is:

Step 5: Close It Back Up and Find New Problems

Lastly close the ipod back up by snapping it together and charge it!

Easy right?

Well not exactly, it seems that this ipod had a bit more problems than a broken battery, after charging and trying to get it to work in diagnositc mode i got the second image: a total hard drive space of 642.88GB of disk space.

But the battery works!