Introduction: Replace Rear Nissan Altima Speakers

When you need to upgrade your rear 6X9 speakers in the back, there is a little trick in order to swap them out properly.

8mm socket
10mm socket
Small flathead screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the SRS Housing on Both Sides

Using a small screwdriver, pop the SRS airbag screw cover off. Try not to scratch the plastic, it should come easily. There is a single 10mm bolt that needs to come out behind it. Once its out, carefully pry the top off and follow on down the housing. There are two clips that should pop off and two hinges on the bottom that just slide out once it is on its side.

Step 2: Speaker Cover Removal

Now its time to take off the main black panel. First you want to go look underneath in the trunk area and find a bunch of small white clips sticking down. Use something to pop them up, i used the butt end of a screwdriver. There are around 8, make sure you punch all of them out. When you try to take it out, if it seems stuck in one place, chances are you missed one.

Starting from one side, lift up the panel and work your way down. There will be loud sounds, but aslong as nothing sticks with a large amount of force its normal. The entire panel will then simply slip out. The corners of the panel, however, have to be lifted overtop of the cushion and seatbelt holder. Also un-slot all the seatbelts.

Before yanking it out however, disconnect your brake light, it should undo easily. (There are two connectors, only one works easy, beware).
When pulling out your panel try to not scrape the white clips, for reinstallation purposes.

Now disconnect the speakers.

Step 3: Speaker Removal

Using a 8mm wrench, simply undo the speakers.
The tough part is the speakers are glued in to prevent rattling.
TRY YOUR BEST to keep the silicon intact on the speaker, in case you ever need to put it back in.
Simply use a screwdriver, stick it UNDER the silicon, and pry. Prying around half of it will give you enough space to stick your finger in it and pull it out.

Step 4: Insert New Speakers

Out with the old, in with the new!

Lines up the screw holes and simply screw the new one in place, or if they dont fit you have the option of drilling a hole slightly smaller then the screw then screwing it in.

But mine fit, so screwed them in and put a rag in so it wouldnt rattle when I tested them out.
Turned out they were 4 ohm when i needed 2 ohm (oops) so i reinstalled the old ones.

If you were to put in new ones, I recommend putting a foam tape or silicon around the speaker to avoid rattling and it improves the sound quality slightly. Make it look nice too, even though you wont see it.

When putting it in permanently, hand screw in all the screws first (not all the way in) to make sure they all fit on the speaker. then feel free to tighten them up.

Reconnect your speakers.

Step 5: Reinstallation of the Panel

I hope you listened to me before when I said to try to not bang around the white tabs, cause her comes hell if you didnt.

First, plug your tail light in. Your going to have to push the panel all the way back in, but DO NOT PUSH IT DOWN. All those little white tabs need to line up with their holes. Get every single one to, then push it down. If you miss one, your panel wont click down all the way and it will rattle. I used a coat hanger to push around the ones that didnt quite line up. Try to not break any either.

Your going to have to get the cover back over the cushion and seat belt holder, while slotting the seat belts back in.

Once you click in all the white tabs then you can click the front bit together (picture 4?)

Also for the lock, make sure the ring is in the right place (or even there)

Step 6: Reinstallation of the SRS Panels

Make sure you hook the bottom tabs first, then pivot it back up to its original position.

BEFORE you push it back in, make sure the white clip is lined up! Use your coathanger tool to move it if necessary.

Your going to have to move the weatherproofing around it, not too hard just dont forget.

They will click in, then you can just screw the bolt back in. Doesnt have to be super tight, just snug it up.

Finally, clip in the SRS bolt cover.

Step 7: Test and Fixes

Crank the bass up and play a tune that has a large variety of bass frequency. Listen for rattles that werent there before. If there is one, check to see if you clips are all in, and if they are you can fix it in a few ways.

Use foam tape where it rattles, stuff a rag or something soft to support the panel, or tie it off to something.

If your plastic clips break, the panel will rattle too. By using a large zap strap, thread it through the slot in the middle, and its just wide enough to stop the rattling and hold the panel in place. Clip the end so it looks pretty.

Good luck!

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