Introduction: Replace Rollerblade Wheels and Bearings

Its summer time again and rollerblading is a great way to get outside and enjoy the sun. Unfortunately rollerblade wheels and bearings need to be cleaned or replaced given enough riding time, so here is a instructable to do so in around 30 minutes per skate.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Material List:

Tool List:
-Set of allen wrenches
-Pen or pencil

Note: Your rollerblades may have a different screw type than an hex (6 sided) allen. If this is the case, any local hardware store will have the correct size wrench.

Step 2: Remove Screws and Pins From Wheel Base

1. Find the right size allen to fit your specific roller blades
2. Remove all 8 screws attaching the wheels to the wheel base
3. Push out each pin using a pen tip
4. Thread the screw back into the pin (not attached to the rollerblade) so neither get lost

The wheels should fall out once the pin is removed. If they do not come out on their own, remove by pulling the wheel straight down from the wheel base.

Step 3: Remove Bearings From Wheel

1. Insert the pen tip into one of the bearings and stand the pen upright with the wheel in the air.
2. Push the wheel down into the pen until a bearing pushes out.

Note: This step may require a lot of force. You will not ruin any part of the bearing.

3. Remove the other bearing and spacer using a pen.

Step 4: Clean Bearing and Spacer

Most rollerblade bearings are internally sealed so no grease needs to be added to them. The spacers should not be greased either, but both bearings and spacer should be cleaned with a wet rag. If the bearings have any trouble spinning on their own, they need to be replaced. The last place to clean is where the bearings sits into the wheel to make sure it doesn't pop out prematurely.

Step 5: Replace Spacer and Bearing Onto Wheel

1. Attach one bearing and spacer together and using your thumb, push the assembly into a wheel.
2. Push the other bearing into the opposite side of the wheel making sure to align with the spacer previously installed.

Note: Some bearings need to be faced a certain way, so check this before you install the bearings.

Step 6: Replace Wheels on Wheel Base

Wheels on rollerblades will have a size marked on them. Some rollerblades have the same size wheels and some have different sizes. If this is the case, the wheels go from large in the back (heel) to small in the front (toe). This way the skater has a slightly lowered stance so they feel more comfortable while moving forwards. 

Wheels do not ware out evenly because of the way skaters must skate. The inside of the wheels will ware out before the outside so if this is the case, flip the wheels around so the larger side of the wheel is on the inside of the skate. This will make the wheels last a lot longer.

Repeat these steps for the other rollerblade.